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Ok. First of all, let me explain my problem. I am a really good artist but the problem is that I'm a really good artist in real life. I dun no how I make gud drawings in digital. I use a program called krita. I mean I make gud shading and stuff but I can never be the best unless I have that tab thing u draw upon which I do not wish to purchase as I spend a majority of my time studying. So I need some1 to tell me how I can make sharp edges or at least start with a line sketch then color it (currently I dun sketch at all. I just start colouring using different brushes.) And for dat, No1 buys my art and every1 says its not HQ which breaks my heart to know it's the truth. So Pls help.
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Hey, there is the possibility to scan in your real life sketches if you have no possibility to create them on the pc directly. If you don't own a scanner just take a photo of your sketch and lower the transparency of it. However there is to say that a graphic tablet is almost indispensable when you want to get close to real life drawing and even then it takes practice to get used to, i can tell you from my own experience. Also there are some decent ones that aren't too expensive, especially the ones from Huion can be around 70-80€. With christmas coming up this could work out.

I have never used the program Krita, but in Adobe Illustrator there is a tool called pen tool. It allows you to create lines with the size and form of your choice and you can bend them however you want. This of course pretty much takes away the organic feel that hand made drawings have, but it lets you create really refined lines and overall illustrations.

As Illustrator uses vector based lines you can resize them whenever you want too. There is to say that the Adobe programs or the CC subscription can be pricey, but ... well there are others ways to get the program. Though there should be a similar function in Krita as sceenshots told me.
Photoshop, illustrator, gimp, they all have that vector/pen tool.
Dunno about krita and all this new stuff though, but they should have it.

Its how I, and most other people got started here.

Ive known a few people who got quite good at using the mouse to draw manually though, its all about refining, draw rough, then zoom and refine, zoom and refine etc.
Once you get used to the PC specific stuff like layers and the tools and functions you have available, things get easier.

Its all about learning: practise lots, draw lots, fail lots.
Compare your sketches to others, figure the mapping out and how the sphere works etc.
The same principles apply from the real world.
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Try paint.NET
its not MS paint, weebs.

It's PS but with a very flexible interface. You can get plugins that dramatically change it's abilities. It can also render 3D objects if used correctly.

It doesn't have the pen tool but it has multiple other tools that can out-do the pen tool ten-fold. Give it a try, and dont forget that its forums are exploding with plugins
Thnx guys
For helping me out

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