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Doubled TC after purchase
So I was sent 400k TC by my friend to get Toriarmor and some other items (which i bought) leaving me with around 90k TC. Just this morning I saw that my TC was at 90k as usual, but when i opened my mail and claimed a battlepass quest the TC was reset to what it was before i bought tori armor.
Okay update.. I made a purchase to see if it was a visual glitch, and my TC is frozen at 400k... Can someone please fix this? I'm supposed to have like 60k
Maybe it isn't frozen but it keeps bouncing between values and it's very weird
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When I sent you 400k my browser kept refreshing, sending 1,200,000 instead of only 400k. If you will just send it back.
Doesn’t look tech support related and looks self-resolved by now. If you still need help regarding accidental TC/item transfers, please post in scam reports board and market squad will take care of it.