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I have a problem with the traveler event chapter 2
I can't submit my replay when I complete the goal and click submit. If I send the replay in the replays part, does it count towards the reward?

I didn't understand if I should put this here or in tech support because my English is bad and I use Google Translate.
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Hi, you need to submit the replay in the event interface, otherwise it won't count.

What's the error that you're getting when trying to upload your replay?
I don't know if it's an error but it tells me that the name is very long when I put only 2 letters or numbers, and I tried to put even 1 letter but they are all used it says
Are you using any non-standard latin symbols for the name by any chance? If so, try using a name without them (e.g. "traveler2tahick").
Does it show up right when you hit "submit" button or do you see it after it attempts to actually upload the replay? If you can make a screenshot to show the exact message you're getting that would help.
I used the example you gave me and it didn't work either, I used another similar one but it didn't work either.

I cannot send a screenshot since the page tells me that there is a lot of text.
I cannot send a screenshot since the page tells me that there is a lot of text.

Uh, how exactly did you try to attach a screenshot?
Press "Go Advanced" and there will be a "Manage Attachments" button below the message box, then select the screenshot on your device and hit "Upload".
Ok, that's a different error that's related to file size and not its name length.
Bumped up restrictions a bit, please try again and it should work now.