I just have been informed about this, which took me by a massive surpise because Static was simply a great guy and deserved a long and joyful life.

Though I haven't been around for long in the last, what 7 years, I was lucky enough to hang out with him and few other friends like Haku and hanging out with them and the other boys from TANG and Evil was really one of the best experiences I had on this game. Whenever there was a lobby going and Static wasn't around I'd ask haku to get him on because he was genuinely a great guy and I loved hanging out with him. He could take a joke but I never saw him act maliciously towards anyone in any capacity. He was quite humble and often would just let his lenshu skills speak for themselves.

As long as the term "toribash" will linger in my memory, Static will undoubtedly remain attached to it. I don't know what else to say, I only have great memories with him and these news took me by surprise and left me devastated as I'm writing this paragraph.

Rest easy Static, we won't forget you.
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