Season 8
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Fastest Total Dismember
This is the record for dismembering every joint in the entire body of Uke the fastest. Every joint in the body is all the joints dismembered when DM threshold is -1. I don't have a submission. Dismember must be 100 or over. No mods. No moving Uke. I want to see if anyone can do it.
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I think Timuchen already did this. I think the replay got lost with the forum migration, though.
Radioactive torso's description should be, "You have cancer like wow."
How do people define total dismemberment anyway. Timuchen didn't get absolutely everything.
Yeah he did, I saw it. I remember he got every joint. Though just to make sure, I think someone should PM him and see if he can dig up the replay
He got every joint but that's not total dismemberment. There are pieces you can break that aren't joints.
Well, the way I defined it was if you set Dm to -1 and press space once. That means all the joints and that little crotch piece.
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