Toribash is a turn-based fighting game. Create your own martial arts movies in single player sandbox mode,
or join the competition in the multi player modes. Focus is on tactics rather than reaction and button mashing.
The game features physics, full dismemberment, decapitation and comic style blood.

Single Player Trailer (.avi) (.mov) (YouTube)  Multi Player Trailer (.avi) (.mov) (YouTube)

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- Full multi player access, including registered only servers with 'buddies'
  system, protected nicks and head skins
- Join the competition in the online top 250 ranking system
- Realtime Belt grading system. Get yourself a Toribash Black Belt
- Custom mods, such as the official sumo mod
- Alter the rules of Single player and hosted Multi player games
- Host your own TCP or LAN server
- Your own custom head texture included in the official releases
- Autosaving of matches
- Export screenshots and animations to POV-Ray

Fun-Motion "Amazing Physically-Driven Fighting Game"
Wired - 8/10 "Wired: The white-backdropped game screen and open-ended movements allow for awesome Toribash machinima."
PC Format Magazine - 90% "The best beat'em up ever made. Enjoy the carnage"
Out of Eight PC Game Reviews "Any fan of fighting games will enjoy the brutal action of Toribash"
Reviews - Non-English
Nordic Gamer (Sweden) "I can't do anything but to recomend this nice game for all you readers, thumbs up!" (Norway) "..Toribash demonstrates that it is still possible to come up with innovative new game concepts within the game industry"
Blogs and news articles
Kotaku "Wow... goriest game ever right there" "The most intriguing fighting game I have seen in a long time"
The Independent Gaming Source If you acquire Toribash, there is a very good chance that you will lose sleep. You have been warned
Literal barrage the DEVIL in video game form
The Den bizarre and remarkably captivating
The Independent Gaming Source Toribash is one of those ideas that just couldn't work on game store shelves, simply because it's so unique
Blaugh! the real rag-doll kung fu
Endo Locusta credo ..begin as little indie games but they strike a chord with the netpopulace. It's new, it's inspired's different. And addictive.
Doctor Fedora REALLY interesting concept
Bloggins of The B Well, here's the thing, that's exactly why it's so good: the concept is so simple, yet .. physics makes it so much, well: fun!
Terr most favourite game in the history of video games