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Mouta's Art thread!
Hi all! i made this thread to post all kinds of art i've made, hope you like my work!

ok, so guys, here r somethings i made long time ago!

somethings i made in pivot:

this one was my first try at pivot:

a drawing i made long ago:

somethings i made in 3d:

this was an avatar hammer asked me for:

and a sig i made for him earlier:

this was for Toribash:

some sigs i made:

here is a skull i made and edited in photoshop:

here are some drawings i made at about 4 or 5 days ago:

and then painted them, the paintjob sucks, i know, but it was only to see how they would look like if they were painted.... it was a non detailed fast painting...

this one is a pokemon drawing i made long time ago:

and this is my newest drawing... i was trying to apply a new manga drawing style, and i think the result is quite good:

i've also made this drawing.. it is not my work.. i just copied it! (you know, i had the drawing on my side and just made it myself in other paper)

anyways i think the result is quite good... what do you think?

and there we go... finished... wait for updates, and comment please!.... :P

ps: i tried to use the img code but only a few images appeared (i think they were too many) so i used the url code!

ps2: never mind problem solved!
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Wow, the record for most art ripped off in one post...I see two sold in a shop by another member, one was in a friggen im guessing the others were ripped too..... D=
what the hell are you talking about?! i made all those ok?!

and who the hell was that guys who sold some of my works saying it was his work? i want to know who is he!

and if you dont believe me... go check out all my threads, and see if they were posted by me or not!

cause i had a 3d shop and i posted some of the 3d work in there... its just not right that you come here and tell im stealing my own art!...

oh, and i bet the one from the movie you are talking about the worm right?! well for your info the movie is the one with the sharks and it was inspired in that movie... but i made that pic ok?!
the only one i didnt made by myself is the last one, it was a side copy... you know... i had the pic close to me and i drawed it in another paper!
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two different ppl, two different ripped it from them, not the other way around... and you reckon you made the worm pic, and they animated your worm for a movie?
no, what i said is that i have seen the movie and thought about making the worm in 3ds max!

and whats that store you r talking about... i want to see who the guy is, cause he stole that from me and i want to talk to him! so if you could tell me what the store is i would be thankfull!

here is a screen of the movie scene you r talking about:

this is the movie:

and this you can see the worm scene:

oh and werent you talking about this shop btw?
Last edited by Mouta; Jul 23, 2007 at 09:17 AM.
and no that's not the shop I'm talking about, I can't find it. (looked through every page D=) It was like a month ago and might be deleted...I can see your worm is slightly different to the one in the movie...have you posted it anywhere else before? I think I have seen the image.
well, maybe in palcomix forum... if it was not there, i think you have seen it in that shop i've posted! or maybe in hi5?! XD

and i wish i could find that guy who made the shop with my work!....
I probably did see it on palcomix I have been there before. Sorry, no hard feelings Mouta! Now that I've fucked your thread...Commenting is the least I can do!
The best is the toribash symbol, on fire, with hampa's head in the looks nice! =D I have already commented on most of those pivots in other threads so I wont bother again...hands are really hard to render, yours is quite realistic....except for the missing finger. lmao so yeah, i reckon the 3d stuff is best, mainly because i love 3d stuff. =D And its rare to see something in 3d actually done well... =D
no hard feelings taken!
and thnx for the comment, and i dont think you have fckd my thread! XD at least i hope not! ahah!
Why are all the recent drawings of donald duck? lol

Other than that, everything looks GREAT!
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